zaterdag 6 september 2008

a baby crying in his bag

ringtones & ringtones & ringtones:
a rooster crowing
a dog barking
a horse neighing
a pig squeaking
a tune playing
a voice talking...

and he, in love with the bizarre, chose
a baby crying, just to say how painful here
without a mothering love

and one day traveling, his phone tucked away
deep inside a big bag of sorts
the Nokia baby woke & cried & cried & cried & cried
he panicked & struggled to open to search to find to feed her
other travelers watching, amazed, & thinking:
here's a kidnapper or cult ritualist or something worse
the police standing by alerted & watching & waiting for the exhibit, thinking:
here's a customer, a customer for sure, damn out of luck

and his baby cried & cried & cried & cried
finally out, consoled with a touch, shared between mouth & ear
and he whispered & whispered & whispered & whispered to her
the most soothing words ever heard
till minutes later she fell asleep

and the watchers looked away, disappointed

--- Obododimma Oha