zondag 9 september 2007

nut widda bang


here's 2 alla ya Virtual Individua's Longing To Gather

from the grey blood stamped & government approved Bell air

of da sweaty self-indulgent downtown bugga Kessel-lo, pretending

to be the poor part of Belgium's beer soaked but bubblegum freed

tumoresquelly outskirting tennis court called uneuchly Louvain,

Ear is da eadless twitter of ur nearly braindead pote laundriate

da sung of a lust mind da spineless flangelonging

spitting pomes in semi-random fashion but re-verse

to the way the wurld wants us wankers to end

in da deep brown fusci euf da Arched Hives

not widda bang but widda twitta

44 to 41 minutes ago from web






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